Yet another obstacle for ME!

images-1I have been investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) following a Complaint lodged by one of our Members.

The Member, (now unsubscribed), was upset by my phrase “best wishes for your journey towards recovery” as she felt that I was assuming that she was in recovery but, in fact, felt she was not “recovering or anywhere near it.”  This led her to lodge the Complaint which brought me to the attention of the ASA and CAP.

It seems I have been infringing the UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotions and Direct Marketing, notably the Rule which states that “Mentioning any medical condition in relation to a product, is likely to imply that the product can treat that condition”.

All Food Supplement claims re health and nutrition are strictly regulated by very specific EU Regulations and the field is a quagmire!

The EU Regulations, at present, regarding Fish Oils is particularly negative:  “because on the basis of the scientific evidence assessed, claimed effect for this food supplement has not been substantiated.”

Despite vehemently fighting our corner, I’ve had to comply by removing all references to ME from my website other than mentioning that the purchasing of Vegepa, via The Private Vegepa Club, aka The Vegepa for ME Scheme, contributes towards crucial fund raising for Biomedical Research into ME.

The ASA and CAP have now come to an Informal Resolution and I have amended copy on my website accordingly.

Because of this, you may find that references to the supplement and the medical condition are missing in places where you might, logically, expect to find them!

Because of this, I managed to secure permission to sell Vegepa to anyone and I am no longer restricted to any one particular condition, which may, ironically, increase our donations to ME Research as, hopefully, our numbers will swell!


9 thoughts on “Yet another obstacle for ME!

  1. Hi Lynne I’m making a new order for VegEPA and in so doing have read news on the site for the first time in many months. I was appalled to learn that you have been investigated by ASA and CAP following a complaint by a former Member. And more that someone could make such a complaint in the first place! Without you and all you have done and continue to do to offer The Private VegEPA Club very many would have to go without this incredibly valuable supplement – I, for one, am extremely grateful to you, know how compassionate you are, and think you are just marvellous! Still, as you say, the ironic upshot of this sorry affair may well be that more people benefit from your prices! It is just a shame that a few with CFS, who are so quick to brand the words or actions of doctors, researchers and others, like you, as insulting/inappropriate, then behave in such a poor fashion. My very best wishes Sarah

  2. From our Facebook Page – “Hi Lynne, Please find attached a new order for Vegepa. I must again thank you for your efforts in supporting so many and I am truly sorry for the troubles you have experienced at the hands of the ASA and CAP. How can someone do that to someone that does so much”. MN

  3. Personally it makes my blood boil that any-one, supposedly lacking in energy, would use some of the precious commodity to complain that a) some-one was spending their time and energy to save them pennies and pounds b) would cavil at being wished recovery – do any of us want to stay ill? Beggars belief!
    Please don’t feel you need to reply to this Lynne, just take it I’m speaking for the masses of us grateful people out there please.

  4. (from our Facebook Page) This is awful, I’m so sorry Lynne. I was really surprised at the result, I was of the understanding that there was a good body of evidence to support the use of EFA’s as part of a treatment plan for conditions like CFS (or any condition where poor Mitochondria function is cited). It’s so disheartening – it’s no wonder advances in understanding and treatment are so slow coming.

    Thank you for fighting the good fight and for all the great work you’re doing Lynne. You’re very appreciated!

  5. (from our Facebook Page) Whilst taking my vegepa this morning, I suddenly thought of you, Lynne, and all the hard work you do on behalf of those of us with M.E. and how we could easily take you (and the Private Vegepa Club) for granted…well, after reading this I’m definitely not in danger of doing that. Quite apart from filling your spare rooms at home with boxes of vegepa to ensure supplies, you have the minefield of the ASA to navigate…You’re a star!

    • Dear E, Thank you! Actually I’m a dog with a bone and fight tooth and nail where I feel it necessary. Sadly though I was never going to win this particular fight so I’ve had to comply with the lawyers’ demands but you, and sooo many other Members, know what you know!!

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