What Dose??


Vegepa is  taken by many thousands of people all over the world for many different reasons:- ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Arthritis, Menopause, Parkinson’s, PMT, Concentration, Refreshing Sleep, etc., all of which require different doses.

BUT not everyone who takes Vegepa should take the 2 per day dose which is printed on the box. 


Depending on your own condition, the dose recommended on the box may well not be the correct one for you.  

Every week I’m hearing from delighted Members who find that it’s noticeably better to REGULARLY take at least

8 per day, without wavering!

Taking any fewer than Prof. Puri’s prescribed ME dose doesn’t give your system all the consistent help you possibly can.

It’s so easy to feel a bit better and so think it’s now OK to take fewer capsules but inevitably they come down with the first infection they come into contact with and have a really lousy relapse!

It’s the immune system (as well as signal transmission between the brain cells) that is most affected by Vegepa which is why cutting down weakens the body’s ability to withstand attacks and makes it far more susceptible to infections and viruses.


Do try not to order when you’ve only a couple of day’s supply left so as not to interrupt your intake.  I offer a very fast service but not that fast!

Vegepa is a pharmaceutical grade, natural supplement not a medical drug so it can take around 3 months for the full benefits to start to become apparent.  

When you feel you’re really getting your life back, e.g. you can maintain a full time job and have a fun night out without suffering a mini-relapse a couple of days after, then you might reduce your dose – you may always increase the daily dose due to stressful circumstances or whatever’s happening in your life at the time.

If you want a boost, say, the winter months or before a stressful event, you might increase your intake, you can come down again (by two capsules every couple of weeks), once you feel ready. Remember Vegepa is a natural, safe and pure supplement and not a pharmaceutical drug so take a dose specific to your needs, rather than what it says on the box.


I’m sorry to hear, X, that you’re going through a very hard patch at the moment.

I sound like a broken record but you just have to accept that if you stop taking Vegepa your symptoms may well recur at some stage. There is a maintenance dose of 4 per day but I only recommend this if you’ve been symptom free for 6 months or so.

Otherwise it’s 8 Vegepa per day, every single day, and, when you’re especially poorly, or if there’s a particularly stressful period in your life, then taking 10 per day will help your system to cope even better and build up your resilience.

We’re coming up to the virus and infection months of September, October and November so please take as much Vegepa as you can financially afford.

Remember that cutting back financially is cutting back on your health and wellbeing! Kind regards,



Depending on your own medical condition, the dose recommended on the box may well not be the correct one for your condition.  

Depression, I hear constantly from grateful Members, greatly benefits from 4 capsules per day, as does Dementia and PMT.

Ask me so I can guide you in a private email as to what your particular dose might be.