Ooh..we’ve gone all e-commerce!!

My very clever friend Chris has been busy working on our new website
which, from now on, boasts a proper e-commerce site!

At long last, Vegepa Club has reached adulthood!

You can now pay, as you do on all “normal” websites, using your card (credit or debit) or even using your PayPal account balance, directly from
our brand new ordering page!! Order and pay in one fell swoop!!!

You can still choose to pay by bank transfer (but why would you now?)
or PayPal’s instantaneous Friends & Family (which does save Vegepa Club from paying PayPal’s fees) but you’ll have to leave our website to do so
(as you’ve been doing up until now). 

choices, choices….!

We hope you’ll enjoy this exciting, new facility, (brought to you by PayPal Banking), which will save both of us a great deal of precious time and energy.