Vegepa Club Newsletter and a bit of Market Research

Vegepa Club

simply the most affordable Vegepa available anywhere whilst automatically donating to crucial biomedical research into ME/CFS

 It’s been simply ages so this Newsletter is very overdue. 

I’m thinking about adding 2 new super-pure products for you.
Both of these high impact, bioactive products
are formulated by the dedicated scientists at Igennus, 
producers of our Vegepa, Omegaflex and Echiomega.

Super Vit. C Complex
for supporting your energy production,
boosting your immune system, reducing fatigue,
offering better skin health, bones & joints
and protecting against oxidative stress.


Pure & Essential Vegan D3
Offering an easy solution for Vegans to maintain optimal vitamin D levels,
for the support of a healthy balance of calcium in your body 
as well as for the health of your bones and muscles,
for improving your immune health and gut barrier function 
and so much more. 

You can read more about them here:

However, before I start work on this very large project, 
I need to do a bit of market research
to gauge what interest, if any,
there could be for these products.

So, if you think you might be interested
(there is absolutely NO obligation to purchase anything, EVER)

email me at

by midnight, Wednesday 19th October

and type any of the 3 Subject examples below
into your Subject Line:
(Do nothing if these products don’t interest you!)

If I receive a sufficiently positive response, 
I’ll go ahead with the project, 
offering a fantastic discount
as I do on all our Vegepa Club products.


Royal Mail’s prices increased last April
as did the cost of our excellent 
certified biodegradable packaging, 
so, unfortunately,
I’ll soon have to
(ever so slightly) 
increase the p + p charges.

(I haven’t increased the price of Vegepa in simply years!)


And last but not least…

In order to continue to run Vegepa Club
and to save me masses of time and work,

I will be scaling down
my selection of parcel sizes.

This might mean that the first time 
some of you may have to buy
a larger size than you normally do 
after that, you’ll be ordering less frequently!

So… lower postage charges
and less time spent online for you,

whilst for me, 

far fewer parcels to wrap, 
fewer of those time-consuming, daily trips to my Post Office 
and of course,
less admin and emails!

So it’s win-win for both of us!


And may I again remind you that
it’s a very bad idea
to interrupt your Vegepa intake, even for one day, 
as you may well then
suffer from worsened symptoms,
especially during the winter months
when viruses and infections abound!!

 Please don’t forget the recommended Vegepa dose for ME 
is 8 capsules every single day without a break

This works out typically at £1.30 per day,
not much to pay considering all the health benefits 
of taking an ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade supplement!

Other medical conditions may require lower doses.


My current stock of Vegepa
doesn’t expire until December 2024

Help me out please by buying in bulk
if you possibly can!


Finally, I’d like to thank youfor your generous donations 
to crucial biomedical research into ME.  

This is in addition to that which Vegepa Club
automatically donates
with every single box it sells.

If you trust me enough
to pay using Paypal’s Friends and Family,
you’ll be saving Vegepa Club ££s in fees
which can go towards

our Biomedical Research.

So far we’ve donated over £70,000!!!


Wishing you much healthier times just around the corner,

Ollie The Dog 
Strategic Assistant to the CEO.

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