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Doctors who Members have recommended highly

Dr William Weir

Dr William R C Weir FRCP, FRCP (Edin)

Consultant Physician

Tel: 020 7467 8478

10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF

Prof. Basant Puri
Academy of Nutritional Medicine, 41 Riding House Street, London, W1W 7BE
Contact person is personal secretary Clare Palmer:
Mobile:  +44 (0) 7855 866835
You can buy his ME/CFS book from the manufacturer, Igennus, using this link http://shop.igennus.com/Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome-Professor-Basant-K-Puri.html but it’s pretty scientific and not too easy for most ME brains to digest.
I have published a summary by Jacqui Footman, of Prof. Puri’s book brilliant ME Research which lead to the formulation of Vegepa, which I suggest you read first before forking out your money.  Read Summary


Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield, MBBS LRCP MRCS Medics Cert. Nutrition (BCNH),

Tel: 01883 623125

16 Southview, Warlingham, Surrey, CR6 9JE


Dr. Sarah Myhill
Upper Weston, Llangunllo, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1SL
Tel: 01547 550331

Read her book Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue-Syndrome Mitochondria Not Hypochondria.

Dr Myhill’s approach to ME is founded on our growing understanding of how our mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of every cell in our bodies, can influence our levels of energy and resilience. From this stems diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of ME symptoms. In this book, ME expert Dr Myhill details the practical application of her successful protocol, which has helped thousands of ME patients to overcome this much misunderstood illness. RRP: £14.99

byron hyde

Dr. Byron Hyde

Tel: 001 613 7298995 (Canada is several hours behind)

Nightingale Research Foundation, 121 Iona Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Y 3M1


If you’d like your organisation mentioned here, please email me at home@vegepaclub.com with the information.  We’d be most grateful if you’d send us a very small donation for biomedical research into ME!

Jenny Wise – specialhomeeducator.com

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How to Create a Safe Space in Your Home When Your Kids Reach Sensory Overload

A Guide to the Best Sports Activities for Children with ADHD

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ME Research UK is a charity with the principal aim of commissioning and funding scientific (biomedical) investigation into the causes, consequences and treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as ME/CFS). This is a debilitating illness which affects between 120,000 and 240,000 people in the UK, but which is not well understood nor, in many cases, properly recognised.
We also have a mission to Energise ME Research, which involves:

raising awareness of the need for biomedical research into ME/CFS globally
providing high quality information on all aspects the of illness for a wide range of audiences — from summarising and appraising scientific literature on ME/CFS to informing the policy agenda
hosting conferences on ME/CFS biomedical research, such as our “New Horizons 2008: International Conference on ME/CFS Biomedical Research” which took place in 2008 at the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Cambridge.
We provide information, support and practical advice for people, families and carers affected by M.E. (Myalgic Encephalopathy), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS). We also fund and support research, and offer education and training.
We are the oldest established ME/CFS charity funding only biomedical research into the illness.



Since 2005 we have provided information and support to thousands of people in Britain and worldwide suffering from chemical, food and electro-sensitivities. You can receive information by email or by post on chlorine free paper.

  • Our Support Group offers a discounted counselling service and advice for welfare, benefits and appeals. Members can get access to discounts, leaflets, a penpal community, a suppliers directory and information to give to GPs for hospital treatment.
  • We offer a yearly subscription to our quarterly MCS Magazine which is packed full of news, features, recipes and advice.
  • Our regular e-Newsletters provide up-to-date news and advice to our members and can advertise products or services which may be helpful.

Nicki Greenham – Charity Founder

“The sense of isolation can feel overwhelming, but actually there are thousands of us trying to live with multiple sensitivities. It is an unfortunate irony that those worst affected find their illness prevents them from accessing the information they need to facilitate recovery.”

The MCS-AWARE support group began as the result of Nicki’s personal experience of severe MCS and her frustration at the lack of available information.


We are an independent UK charity campaigning for bio-medical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), as defined by WHO-ICD-10-G93.3.
We have links nationwide and also internationally. Invest in ME are one of the founding members of …..

EMEA-logosmallThe European ME Alliance.Our aim is to bring together like-minded individuals and groups to campaign for research and funding to establish an understanding of the Aetiology (causes), Pathogenesis (harmful effects) and Epidemiology (the pattern of distribution of a disease through a population) of M.E. This should lead to the development of a universal “thumb-print” test for diagnosis of M.E. and, subsequently, medical treatments to cure or alleviate the effects of the illness.Invest in ME want to establish a national strategy of biomedical research into M.E. and establish a UK and European Centre of Excellence for biomedical research into M.E.Please help make M.E. an illness which is properly understood and where adequate funding is provided for biomedical research into ME allowing treatments and cures  to be found.


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