The Benefits of Taking 8 Vegepa for ME/CFS

Number 8

Hi Lynne

Just a side note re the 8 caps a day.  I have recently starting taking the full dose again as now I’ve reached the grand old age of nearly 52 I’ve noticed that my skin definitely benefits from it.

The skin on my face I think is a little softer so I guess from a vanity point of view that’s a good enough reason for me to take the 8.

From a ME point of view I probably don’t need the full dose but I do believe that your body never fully recovers from this and like any virus can lay dormant.

I’m a prime example of this, having suffered terribly even to the point of not working full time etc with ME to making what I would say as good a recovery as anyone could, however, because I later developed a stomach condition which put added stress on my body and had a full blown relapse and by that I mean full blown to the point I had to leave work for a year.

Lynne in that year my sister in law who bizarrely also started suffering with CFS, which it was then branded as, told me about Vegepa and I started to take it.

Within 3 months my head symptoms, which were my worst symptom, improved significantly.  I used to say that those 8 little pills saved my life because within that year I wasn’t getting better at all and I knew all about the Pacing etc etc it just had a hold of me and there was no way out.

So back to the present I’m now in Peri-menopause and believe the tiredness and some strange symptoms are from that but best to protect myself anyway and any prolonged stress in my stomach could send me right back to those dark days again.

So Lynne for now I’m taking the 8 capsules again.

Just wanted to share, I know you must hear loads of stories but just as a side note, the benefits to  ladies of a certain age is also something worth shouting about.

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2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Taking 8 Vegepa for ME/CFS

  1. Dear Angela,

    What a fascinating journey you’ve been on! I knew some of it but not all and I’ve always imagined you were an early 20 year old student instead of such an old woman!!! ( I can say this because I’ll be 64 next month!!).

    PS. I know I speak of a maintenance dose of 4 per day but my gut feeling is to stay on 8 forever.
    My daughter & a best friend have both recovered completely but insist on continuing with the full dose to avoid any infections or viruses that they’d be susceptible to having weakened immunity after so many ME years.

    I myself take 4 per day even though I’ve never had ME &, fingers crossed, am perfectly healthy. I’m often told that my skin, hair & nails are of a much younger woman and I’m never ill (touch wood). I sailed through my menopause too.

    Hardly scientific proof I know but I’m never stopping!

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