Prof Puri’s Book


Are you suffering from M.E.? Are you caring for someone with M.E.? Does someone close to you have M.E.?

Whoever the sufferer, young or old, man or woman, he or she is likely to have been told the condition is ‘psychosomatic’ (‘all in the mind’), depression is the root cause, and antidepressants the only sensible answer.

In this ground-breaking new book, you will discover a very different way of looking at M.E. Historical and contemporary evidence are combined to show how M.E. is almost certainly a physical, or ‘organic’, condition resulting from viral and other influences that reduce essential chemicals in the body. As such, it can be treated, and in a natural, cost effective way. Read how and why EPA (‘eicosapentaenoic acid’) will be essential to recovery, how to take it, what supplements to have with it, and how to change to a lifestyle that will promote recovery.

You can buy it from the manufacturer, Igennus, using this link but it’s pretty scientific and not too easy for most ME brains to digest.


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