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Dear Lynne,

Perhaps you could include Systemic Lupus in your list of things that Vegepa treats. Having increased my dose to 5 capsules per day, my Lupus is now no longer active, which is amazing, especially as I was diagnosed in 2000!
I started taking Vegepa when the Natural Therapy Clinic, where I still work, was stocking them in 2005 and I’ve never stopped taking them since. The practice no longer stocks Vegepa since downsizing in recent years, which is why I order from you, knowing that each order helps in ME research. I order what I can afford (could have done with ordering more but never mind) and there will be other orders to follow.
I have several friends who have ME and fibromyalgia and they are also taking Vegepa, as a result of my recommendation. I’ve done my best to get them to increase the dosage but there’s only so much nagging you can do!

8 capsules a day seems to be the dosage for ME but 5 Vegepa per day has really put me in remission of my Lupus. My nurse specialist says to keep doing what I’m doing. They are very pleased with me and I’ve been able to come off steroid tablets too.

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  1. Thank you, very much Lynne. The Vegepa arrived this morning – wow! That was super fast delivery! I was still in my dressing gown when they arrived!

    Thank you for adding my experience of Vegepa for Lupus to your Facebook page. I do keep singing the praises of Vegepa and your website to anyone who will listen and it also helps with the pain of Fibromyalgia (which you already know). There a lot of different autoimmune disease which can be helped by Vegepa – Lupus is only one of them! It’s such a horrible disease and those who have it feel like walking time-bombs most of the time because it’s so unpredictable. Flare-ups can happen any time, and just like ME flare-ups, they can be tremendously debilitating; the tiredness particularly can be soul destroying.

    I’m doing my best to get other people with Lupus to try Vegepa, so having Lupus mentioned on your website will be most helpful. People are always searching for things that can help but I do wish they would persevere and stick with a remedy until it gets into their systems really well. I’ve been taking Vegepa since 2005 and I’d never be able to come off them now as the capsules have been fabulous in helping with my energy levels; my skin; my hair; my migraine headaches; and particularly the joint pain. 5 capsules a day seem to be just right for me these days but I do advise people to take more in the beginning to get things under control first before reducing the dose (if they have to). My nurse specialist is very impressed and I’ve asked her to tell people about Vegepa and to refer them to me for more information on how they can help Lupus, also for your website details. I have a special mobile phone for calls from people who just need someone to listen to them, and when called for, offer suggestions of ways to make things more tolerable for them.


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