Total Wellness

G. Matten & A. Goggins, The Health Delusion: How to Achieve Exceptional Health in the 21st Century

Glen Matten and Aidan Goggins’ myth dispelling book provides uncomfortable but compelling reading on why, despite a multi-million pound health and fitness industry and highly advanced health care, we continue to get sicker.

Taking a scientific and highly evidenced approach, they shed light on the inadequacies of modern health care practices and the constant barrage of incorrect and even harmful public health messages emerging, almost constantly, from the media and health ‘experts’.

Their book covers everything you need to know from antioxidants to exercise and fat to pharmaceuticals to help you understand, interpret and use scientific research to achieve optimal health in modern society.

By providing you with the bare facts and their own professional recommendations, they encourage you to take control and make the necessary changes to help treat and prevent major diseases, at every stage of life.

With clearly defined chapters and simple reference summaries it is easy for the reader to dip in and out and review key messages.

The health delusion is a detailed prescription of nutrition, supplements and lifestyle for total wellness.

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