the nat way to beat depression

Prof. B.K. Puri, The Natural Way to Beat Depression

Based on cutting-edge research, this book uncovers the pioneering discovery of EPA as an effective treatment for depression.

A new solution to the growing epidemic of depression is emerging that is safe, effective and entirely natural. Professor Basant Puri reveals here, for the first time, why EPA – a nutrient contained in oily fish – is so extraordinarily effective in treating depression without the side effects produced by conventional medication. He also shows how we can incorporate EPA into a healthy lifestyle to gain from its remarkable benefits ourselves.

Helen McNallen, Depression can be fun

Depression Can Be Fun is an initiative of Helen McNallen, who has suffered from clinical and bipolar depression. She has written of her experiences in an attempt to reach out with support to others who suffer from this debilitating condition. The book’s name originates from the black comedy of her experiences of manic depression and is clearly not meant to offend or to belittle the condition. Humour is a powerful antidote to depression, as she found out, and she hopes that her message can help readers.

“Thankfully, we’re becoming more open about mental illness, which over time should break down the stigma and taboo which leads to so much misunderstanding and discrimination. Helen’s book on depression will help in that process, but will also help many people who suffer from this horrible illness. Even if people don’t get it, we all know someone who does, even if we don’t know that they do. Helen’s book is written with depressives in mind, but should also help family and friends better to understand. I get fairly heavy bouts of depression from time to time and found this a refreshingly written book on the illness which I hope will help many people”
Alastair Campbell, author of “All in the Mind”

“Laughter truly is the best medicine. I have frequently witnessed this working as I do in the comedy business. Helen has written a book which uses humour to deal with a very difficult concept. Her very personal observations of the funny side of her illness will help many people get through the tough times. This is a must read book for anyone suffering from depression or who knows someone who is dealing with it.”
John Davy, Jongleurs Comedy Clubs


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