Prof. B.K. Puri, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder A natural way to treat ADHD

Increasing numbers of children are being diagnosed as having Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. As the best available treatment for many years, they are prescribed powerful drugs that help to control (but not cure) the worst of the symptoms.

However, the potential side-effects of these drugs are worrying and the long-term consequences unknown, facing doctors, parents and adult sufferers with a terrible dilemma.

Professor Puri’s groundbreaking book presents a very different way of looking at ADHD. His starting point is that the basis for behaviour lies in the chemistry of the brain and that there are many factors, both positive and negative, that can influence this.

By understanding behaviour at this level, it is possible to see how hyperactivity can be reduced and concentration improved in a natural way that is in tune with the needs of the individual.

He presents the results of two major studies, with which he has been involved, that demonstrate the effectiveness of a completely natural way to treat ADHD.

What people say:

“Having worked as a teacher in the educational system for many years and latterly as an adviser with the Norfolk and Norwich Dyslexia Association I had smugly assumed that I was substantially aware of all the important factors related to ADHD and the dietary implications associated with it. Imagine my surprise then when I was handed a book entitled ADHD by Basant K. Puri which covered all the facts of dangerous food additives and unsatisfactory dieting. As far as I can remember it was the first time I have felt compelled to read a book from cover to cover without putting it down. It contained so much that was new to me and has unbelievably changed my whole attitude towards my own diet and medication. To name just a few, I have stopped buying all refined foods such as white bread, sugar and rice. Also for example I have stopped drinking milk that has been heated. Of equal importance I will make a greater effort to avoid tinned and prepared foods in future and go as much as possible for fresh vegetables and fruit. The book is full of innovative suggestions that will surprise most of its readers, far too many to feature in a short review. The very best way to find out is to get a copy of the book and read it from cover to cover as I did. You will be amazed”.
Mick Ford, Dyslexia Teacher

“ADHD by Basant K. Puri is a technical book that scientifically discusses the symptoms of ADHD and examines treatments. It contains much discussion based on peer reviewed scientific studies to objectively discuss the symptoms as well as treating the condition using supplementation of specific essential fats. A wide range of nutrients are discussed as well – from a treatment perspective. An excellent glossary is included, and a good bibliography. Having tried this treatment with some of my patients, for example, I know there was some improvement and it worked well with the reflex inhibition programme that I prescribed alongside. Overall there were some promising changes and I would wholeheartedly recommend the methods described”.
Sue Cook, Neurodevelopmentalist

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