Please, Pretty Please?

I’m going to be cheeky (!) and ask you to order, if you possibly can, a larger quantity in future, albeit less frequently, because it will lessen my load considerably!    

I’m finding it extremly hard these days to keep Vegepa Club running because of the sheer volume of work and it’s only little old me doing absolutely everything myself.  I’m a one woman Amazon!  

The thing is, it takes the same amount of time for me to process a small order of 6 boxes as a large one of 40: the same time to wrap the parcel, the same packaging costs, the same drive to the post office and back – plus the postage will cost you the same for a small order as for a parcel of 20.   More importantly, I have to do this work more frequently.  

The expiry date for Vegepa is currently 2026!

I really do want to keep Vegepa Club going but please don’t be offended and if you can’t manage it, don’t worry, I really do understand.   




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