P1150085 a-1After my daughter recovered from her 12 years of ME and left home, my caring skills became redundant.  After a year the idea popped itself into my head one day and I decided to get myself a dog.






P1150093I’d never in my life even picked a dog up in my arms but when Ollie and I clapped eyes on eachother, we fell madly in love!

It’s been a life changer for me and for him too as he’d never met a human before.

Forgive my indulgence of publishing this page but, whenever I take Ollie to visit Care Homes, he brings such happiness to people’s faces that I’m hoping that this Slideshow will do the same for you!




















Ollie – a Slideshow

Ollie’s other slideshows on You Tube

Well, with so many delighted viewers, I’d better add these short videos too:

Ollie – The cutest dog!

Sock Heaven 1

Sock Heaven 2

Ollie at 11 weeks

Ollie as a baby

Mastering Steps

Trying to pick up a bottle wearing a collar


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