New Product released!!!


I’ve managed to secure for us, from the same, trusted manufacturer IGENNUS, the enormous and totally unique discount (from £9.60 instead of £13.99) on their perfect sister product…

Omegaflex is an advanced formulation containing a patented blend of effective nutrients that replenish and protect the joints.

The specially selected natural ingredients in Omegaflex protect joints against oxidative stress, support connective tissue and maintain healthy collagen formation and normal cartilage function. 

Omegaflex combines glucosamine hydrochloride and omega-3 EPA from wild anchovy oil with GLA from organic, cold-pressed evening primrose oil, plus manganese, molybdenum and vitamins C & E.

This is of great interest for anyone you know suffering with arthritis or stiff, painful joints or who wishes to avoid them!

For those of you who have ME with stiff, painful joints, you could try taking 4 a day along with your usual Vegepa dose and maybe increase this during autumn and winter.

OmegaFlex is the same heavily discounted price as “normal” Vegepa!!!

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