Important News!

My very clever friend Chris has been busy working on our new website
which, from now on, boasts a proper e-commerce site!!

At long last, Vegepa Club has reached adulthood!

You can now pay, as you do on all “normal” websites, using your card (credit or debit) or even using your PayPal account balance, directly from
our brand new ordering page!!

Order and pay in one fell swoop!!!

You can still choose to pay by bank transfer (but why would you now?)
or PayPal’s instantaneous Friends & Family (which does save Vegepa Club from paying PayPal’s fees) but you’ll have to leave this website to do so. 

choices, choices….!

We hope you’ll enjoy this exciting, new facility, (brought to you by PayPal Banking), which will save both of us a great deal of precious time and energy.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to (ever so slightly) increase the shipping cost, due to Royal Mail’s price hike last March plus the fact that I can no longer personally afford to pay for this increase as well as provide our excellent, (certified biodegradable) packaging. 


I’ve managed to secure for us, from the same, trusted manufacturer IGENNUS, the enormous and totally unique discount (from £9.60 instead of £13.99) on their perfect sister product…

Omegaflex is an advanced formulation containing a patented blend of effective nutrients that replenish and protect the joints.

The specially selected natural ingredients in Omegaflex protect joints against oxidative stress, support connective tissue and maintain healthy collagen formation and normal cartilage function. 

Omegaflex combines glucosamine hydrochloride and omega-3 EPA from wild anchovy oil with GLA from organic, cold-pressed evening primrose oil, plus manganese, molybdenum and vitamins C & E.

This is of great interest for anyone you know suffering with arthritis or stiff, painful joints or who wishes to avoid them!

For those of you who have ME with stiff, painful joints, you could try taking 4 a day along with your usual Vegepa dose and maybe increase this during autumn and winter.

And here I go again ….

reminding you that it’s a very bad idea to interrupt
your Vegepa intake, even for one day, as you may well then suffer from worsened symptoms!!  

Please don’t forget the recommended Vegepa dose for ME is 8 capsules every single day without a break

This works out typically at £1.30 per day. Not much to pay considering
all the health benefits of taking an ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade supplement!

Other medical conditions may require lower doses.

I’ve been heavily investing as often as possible in stocks of Vegepa so we can keep going well into the future.

Many of you have expressed concern as to what might happen to you
if production were ever to dry up. You need have no worries on that score!!
My current stock of Vegepa doesn’t expire until December 2021!

Fat lot of help!!

Finally, I’d like to thank you for your generous donations to crucial biomedical research into ME.  This money is in addition to that which Vegepa Club automatically donates with every single box it sells.

So far we’ve donated about £60,000!!!

Wishing you much healthier times just around the corner,
 Lynne (& Ollie The Dog/Chief Assistant)

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