Our 2014 Christmas Promotion!


The best Christmas present you’ll receive this year!

What with renovating the new website, designing the online ordering system and sending out 1500 Newsletters (twice), not to mention the-day-to-day running of the Club, I’m exhausted so …..

I’ve decided to firmly bolt the office door for a month from

January 26th – February 26th, 2015

for a well deserved rest, but I promise to open up again, full of renewed vigour, straight after that.

As a thank you for your support, I’m running a Christmas Promotion

 from now until 5pm on December 17th 

(my final posting date for Christmas).

This means that not only will you be able to get your Vegepa supplies a further 10% cheaper than our usual, amazing prices, (Yep! you read correctly!)

but you can stock up for when the office is closed so my absence won’t affect your intake (most important for your treatment).


Here’s the offer (and it only applies to these sizes):-

Order   9 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 10
Order 18 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 20
Order 27 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 30
Order 36 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 40
Order 45 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 50
Order 54 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 60

Of course you can order any quantity you like (I know from my own experience of ME that not everyone can afford to buy big)  but (only) the order sizes listed above will bring you a further 10% discount on our already unbeatable prices (& make packaging far easier for me!).

images-3You’ll still benefit by buying Vegepa at the lowest possible price whilst donating to crucial Biomedical Research into ME.

I still aim to offer the same excellent service
 of posting your parcel within the next 1 – 2 working days after receiving your payment (except during Christmas itself, of course!)

Everything you could possibly need to know is here on our website (even about my assistant Ollie!)

images-2Only Members of Vegepa Club are able to see my rock bottom prices so tell your friends and family to visit the website so they too can join the Vegepa Club and sign up for our occasional Newsletters.

Vegepa Club is free to absolutely anyone, anywhere in the world, to buy this unique, clinical-grade supplement, (regardless of their medical condition), thus donating to biomedical research into ME.

Don’t forget the recommended Vegepa dose for ME is 8 capsules every single day (Christmas too!)
(Other medical conditions may require lower doses).

My current stock of Vegepa has an expiry date of September 2017!

images-4I look forward to receiving as many orders as you wish and wish you all
a wonderful Christmas and a far Healthier and Happier New Year!


7 thoughts on “Our 2014 Christmas Promotion!

  1. Hello Lynne,
    Thanks for your quick response and your excellent service.
    I know you detail delivery arrangements on the website, but the penny only dropped when your message arrived – there won’t be anyone here to sign for the parcel in the second half of the week. Could you possibly delay posting until say Thursday? Please don’t put yourself out. I appreciate you must be very very busy. If it’s not practical to delay delivery, we can get to the local mail office to collect.

    Congratulations on the website – best wishes for a happy Christmas and I hope you get a good rest in the new year.


  2. Dear Lynne

    Thanks for the health enquiry – I’m hanging on in there thanks which at this time of year just short of the longest night is an achievement in itself.

    Hopefully the funds are in your account and i’ve placed the order before the full-on madness of the Xmas post!

    cheers Paul

  3. Hi Lynne,

    Thank you too for helping me benefit from your special offer, it would have passed me by otherwise!

    I am getting better all the time, almost back to 100%!

    Hope you have a good Christmas and a great New Year.

    Kind Regards,


  4. Hi Lynne
    Just to let you know I have paid for the order online now.

    Hope you have a good break! I have taken advantage of ordering more than normal. Very generous of you to give some for free. Hopefully 20 will last us till March.


  5. Many thanks for all your hard work, Lynne. Enjoy your time off – you certainly deserve it! I’ve just added in a £10 donation, which I didn’t put on your form. Hope that’s ok. Have a lovely Christmas with your family. Hope your daughter’s keeping well. Very best wishes, Margaret.

  6. Hi Lynne,

    Thank you for the news of the Christmas offer. I think the new ordering system is great! I’ve ordered 18 boxes of vegepa and transferred the money into your account today. EL

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