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It’s exactly 17 years since I started the Vegepa Club, though it’s changed its name a few times as I expanded and eventually was permitted, by the manufacturer, to also sell to those who don’t have ME.

The Club started out in 2006 as The Vegepa For ME Scheme and everything was done via email as I couldn’t yet afford a website. I only sold “normal” Vegepa at first but Omegaflex and Echiomega came along later.

Over these years I’ve shed many a tear of pride and happiness when I’ve received wonderful letters of positive news and gratitude from Members. The messages are displayed on my office walls and, when I’m exhausted and desperate to get away from my desk, they spur me on for another hour or two!

Your good news and thanks are all I need to make my work worthwhile.

I started with 100 Members and now boast approx. 2,800 Members (not all of whom have ME it has to be said).  Some sadly have Long Covid or a vast array of different conditions which benefit from Vegepa’s purity as opposed to other available Omega supplements.

Donations into the biomedical Research Fund have understandably dropped considerably given the Cost of Living Crisis but nevertheless, we are approaching £80,000.  We’re a small minnow in the Charity pool but every little helps and I’m very grateful for every penny which you generously donate.

Lynne x

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