Great news from Sweden!

He Lynne! I’ll be visiting family in Germany for a couple of weeks in May, that’s why I have a different (German) delivery address with this order.

I’m truly happy with the effect of high dosage Vegepa so far. I’ve felt a slight but noticeable improvement of symptoms and I’m excited to keep going and hope that things might stabilize even further. Kind regards from Sweden,

V x

One thought on “Great news from Sweden!

  1. Dear Lynne,

    Of course, any hopeful news is always worth spreading :). I hope, someone else reading it might feel a little encouragement. After all, it was the recounting of other’s positive experiences (your and your daughter’s, for instance) that made me curious and hopeful enough to give this a try.
    And thank you for keeping my anonymity.

    Thank you, as well, for the very well-timed reminder about pacing as an integral part of recovery. I’ll have to be quite disciplined with myself right now and will try to set up a “point system” for myself similar to the one you described using together with your daughter.

    Thank you again!
    My best regards,

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