Food is Better Medicine Than Drugs

Food is Better Than DrugsDear Lynne,

I re-read your comments on your Home page about not being allowed by the Advertising Authority to make any claims re’ any ‘non-medicine’. I’ve recently read (parts of) Patrick Holford’s book: Food is Better Medicine than Drugs & was actually shocked at how bad this Catch 22 (as he calls it) is. I‘ve known a lot about Nutrition for a very long time, but I hadn’t quite cottoned on to the problems that can occur when a food is proved to have ‘medicinal’ qualities. If it actually gets properly classified as a ‘medicine’, then it can only be available on prescription. But then no one can afford to invest in all the testing required to sell it as a medicine since it’s a naturally occurring substance & cannot be patented! So then no-one can get a licence to sell it & a foodstuff becomes unavailable to us to buy, even as just a food, because it has proven medicinal qualities. Apparently this has already happened with SAMe, which has been proven to be an effective anti-depressant, & has therefore been withdrawn from sale in Europe as a result! What a travesty! So in a way it’s good that there are only a few studies showing the benefits of VegEPA, because if there were more we might not be able to buy it any more! Catch 22 indeed.


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