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It’s exactly 17 years since I started the Vegepa Club, though it’s changed its name a few times as I expanded and eventually was permitted, by the manufacturer, to also sell to those who don’t have ME.

The Club started out in 2006 as The Vegepa For ME Scheme and everything was done via email as I couldn’t yet afford a website. I only sold “normal” Vegepa at first but Omegaflex and Echiomega came along later.

Over these years I’ve shed many a tear of pride and happiness when I’ve received wonderful letters of positive news and gratitude from Members. The messages are displayed on my office walls and, when I’m exhausted and desperate to get away from my desk, they spur me on for another hour or two!

Your good news and thanks are all I need to make my work worthwhile which makes the following tale all the more distasteful.

A few weeks ago a Member had to be politely reminded to make her payment which was more than a week overdue. She sent a very unapologetic email saying “There you go, I’ve done it now!” but then sent the wrong amount.

After another polite reminder (you can imagine how I just love to write these!), she added the postage which she’d “forgotten to pay” but withheld her original £5 donation. Along with the postage she sent another sarcastic email as if she was doing me a favour by paying the correct amount. Sadly I doubt our Research Fund will ever see her £5!

Shame to have a blot on my perfect landscape but one baddie out of 2,800 lovely Members isn’t bad going, is it!!

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Lynne x

2 thoughts on “FIRST TIME EVER!

  1. How horrid for you Lynne!! I feel as if I have known you forever through the wonderful scheme you set up: it has been a long time! You’ve delivered to us all through good times and the worst, have been unfailingly efficient and cheerful throughout everything.
    First time to blacklist a member too, maybe!

    • Thank you Linda for your unswerving support and generous spirit since you joined me many years ago. I wish that were something to celebrate, and of course it is, but it also means that ME is still lurking somewhere in your life ????.

      My website can’t physically blacklist this lady but if she’s reading this perhaps she’ll choose to buy direct from somewhere else even if it’ll be 60% dearer and she won’t be contributing to the ME Research Fund, but then, she didn’t care about that in the end, did she !????!????

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