Ever wondered how your parcel wrapper gets to you?

You may be interested (or not!) in how that thick black polythene wrapper starts it’s journey to you.

Well, I buy it on a roll of 100m length from the local garden centre as it’s manufactured originally as a mulching sheet and it’s the cheapest and best suited polythene I’ve ever found and I’ve been looking for years!

I lay it out the huge roll on my dining room table (once a year as this is a BIG job!). The roll is 2 m wide but the polythene is folded in half.

I measure and mark out, using a white chalk pen, 55 cms from the “open” edge all the way along the full 100 m, I have a cuppa then return to cut off the 2 strips of 100m x 55 cms.

I have another cuppa, open out the remaining polythene and cut along the fold of the whole 100 m length, producing 2 more strips of 45 cms width.

I have glass of wine and drag the 4 x 100 m strips upstairs and lay them separately over the bannisters. The whole hallway and stairs is covered in frothy, billowing bales of thick black shiny polythene – a definite safety hazard so the job just has to be completed as getting up or down the stairs is akin to dicing with death. Even Ollie the Dog is stymied!

I then roll up my sleeves, put the radio on and begin rolling each strip hanging over the bannister, into a big, fat roll, resting every so often and wondering why on earth I put myself through this. (But we all know why!).

I then use the wider rolls to wrap parcels of more than 10 boxes and the slightly narrower rolls to wrap the small orders.

These 4 rolls probably last me all year.

Whilst we’re on the subject of size, did you know that it costs the same shipping (£2.95 for Standard or £3.95 for Signed), and is exactly the same amount of work for me, if you buy 4 boxes as if you buy 24?

The expiry date on Vegepa is Autumn 2020 so please consider saving me work and you money buy ordering in large quantities! What’s more, if you order over 16 boxes there’s a discount and over 45 an even larger discount!!

Lynne and Ollie

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