Distance Aware Badges

Distance Aware badge scheme will ‘help people help each other’

The Distance Aware shield badge is a scheme James O’Brien said would “help people help each other”, but what is the shield badge?

The Distance Aware scheme is a national initiative to enable individuals and organisations to politely prompt ongoing distancing and respect of individual social space.

Helen Iliff the project lead for the scheme told LBC the badge scheme was designed to help the group of people with who have underlying health conditions.

She said, “there is a sense that the general population is getting tired of remembering to social distance all the time.”

The scheme is working in conjunction with many charities and organisations
The scheme is working in conjunction with many charities and organisations. Picture: #DistanceAware

But she warned that comes at the same time “lots of people who are particularly vulnerable are starting to step back out and do a bit more in society.”

James asked Helen if the badge was “an aide for the other people, to help us help them.:”

Helen said it would “help us all help each other,” which James said was a lovely way to put it.

The badge comes in five different colours in a shield shape with a double-ended arrow on it.

Helen told LBC there were “five colours wholly to make sure the scheme is fully inclusive” for people.

She revealed the Distance Aware team had worked with the Royal National Institute for the Blind to ensure the badges were “colour pallets available for visual impairments.”

James said he loved the idea, and if he sees anyone wearing a badge with a shield and a double-ended arrow he would endeavour to be “even more careful and even more conscientious.”

Helen said she hoped the badge would work as a “polite prompt to others” to help “reinforce that message with a bit of societal responsibility.”

The scheme has received an endorsement from the English and Welsh governments and also several retailers have back it too.

You can find out more details here.