Christmas Newsletter

Dear All,
I’m very excited to announce that our website now has

 a freshly designed Order Form!

I’m sure it’ll save you time and precious energy
when you next place your order!

The new Order Form is not only far easier to fill in

but…it calculates the shipping for you!

So no more brain-fog battles whilst you wrestle with your calculator
or pay the wrong amount!

The total you see is the total you pay!

Look for the green button

This IT feat is thanks to the brilliant Chris de Souza
who promises to totally re-vamp our site one day

and maybe even incorporate
direct payments right from within our website!
For more information about Chris’s brilliant skills, visit

New Members often ask to see a Price List before they order
so I’m pleased to announce that
(Members Only) are now able to admire
Vegepa Club’s fabulously advantageous prices at a glance.

Don’t forget, your password is melon

Remember, this time of year is notorious for infections and viruses
which are all too easy to pick up
but particularly hard to shift.
Don’t be afraid of increasing your Vegepa intake
to even 10 or 12 per day
during the winter months.
N.B. Vegepa is pure and natural and not a prescription medication
so there’s no adverse health implications in taking an increased dose.And, as I always nag, it’s a very bad idea to interrupt
your Vegepa intake, even for one day,
as you may well then suffer from temporarily worsened symptoms!!

Please don’t forget the recommended Vegepa dose for ME is

8 capsules every single day without a break

This works out at typically £1.30 per day.
Not much to pay really considering all the health benefits.
(Other medical conditions require lower doses).

I’ve been heavily investing all year in stocks of Vegepa
so we can keep going well into the future.
Many of you have expressed concern
as to what might happen to you
if production were ever to dry up.
You need have no worries on that score!!

I’d like to thank you for your generous personal donations to
Crucial Biomedical Research into ME.  
These gifts are in addition to those which
Vegepa Club automatically donates
with every box of Vegepa or Echiomega it sells.

We’ve just made our Christmas donation to
The ME Association’s Ramsay Research Fund
of £1,500!!

And talking of Christmas….

The final date to get your payment and order to me
will be
Wednesday, 20th December for UK parcels
Friday 8th December for non-UK parcels 

Wishing you very enjoyable but “well-Paced” festivities
much healthier times just around the corner,

(& Ollie The Dog/Chief Assistant)

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