Christmas Sale!


Once again I’m running a Christmas Sale from
Monday, 16th November until 4pm on Wednesday, 16th December

and it’ll be one of the best Christmas presents you’ll receive this year!

You’ll be able to get your Vegepa supplies
a further 10% cheaper than our usual, amazing prices
and still be donating to
crucial Biomedical Research into ME.
(Yep! you read that correctly!)

To date we’ve raised over £49,000!

(offer only applies to these sizes and only to Vegepa):-
Order 9 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 10
Order 18 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 20
Order 27 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 30
Order 36 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 40
Order 45 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 50
Order 54 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 60

Of course you can order other quantities but only the multiples of 9,

listed above, offer a further 10% discount
on our already unbeatable prices 

(and make packaging far easier for me).

You can order as many times as you like until 16th Dec.

My current Vegepa stock’s expiry date is late 2018!

Remember that our prices even include shipping!

If you’ve ordered from our website before, you don’t have to Register again.

Just click on any of these buttons,


enter your password (sent to you when you join Vegepa Club) and away you go!

You’ll still make your payment off the website, as you’ve always done in the past,
either by PayPal,
(but please do follow my easy instructions on how to avoid UK PayPal fees

or by Bank Transfer (BACS) or by SWIFT (if you live outside the UK)


I’ve added a new payment method for those of you who use mobile banking.

Read more about this simple payment method

how to register with your internet bank

Using your provider’s mobile banking or payments app, enter my mobile number


Remember – you’ll still benefit by buying your Vegepa at the lowest possible price whilst donating to crucial Biomedical Research into ME
(currently we’re helping set up a unique ME BioBank).

Exciting - isn't it!

I still aim to offer the same excellent service
 of posting your parcel within 1 – 2 working days after receiving payment.

Everything you could possibly need to know is on our website
(even about my willing, if not able, assistant Ollie)!

2014 WINTER - 08

Join the clubOnly Members are able to order at my rock bottom prices
so tell your friends and family to visit the website so they too can
join the Vegepa Club,
learn all about ME, place an order and sign up for my occasional Newsletters.

Vegepa Club is free to absolutely anyone, anywhere in the world,
to buy this unique, patented, pharmaceutical-grade supplement
from Vegepa Club.

**Other medical conditions which benefit from Vegepa are:-

Asperger’s Syndrome
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Poor Concentration
Recurring Infections & Viruses
Unrefreshed Sleep
and for General Wellbeing.

Vegepa - 60 capsules per boxDon’t forget the recommended Vegepa dose for ME is 

8 capsules every single day (Christmas too!)

**(Other medical conditions may require lower doses).

images-4I look forward to processing your orders and wish you a wonderful Christmas
and a much Healthier and Happier 2016


Prints & Greeting Cards for ME Research

One of our ME Members, the artist Ellie Ling, will very kindly donate a considerable % of every order from Vegepa Club Members, of her absolutely beautiful Prints and Greetings cards, to our Biomedical Research into ME Fund.

You buy directly from Ellie’s website and email her at to say that you are a Member of Vegepa Club.


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Our Latest Donation to the ME Bio Bank Fund

pound-sign2£1,600.35 is the amount we’ve donated so far to the ME Biobank Research Fund – all down to you wonderful people!!
The Big Idea
To secure the future of the UK ME/CFS Biobank, an innovative resource which will allow collaborators worldwide to conduct cost-effective research into a poorly understood disease that causes great suffering.   The Biobank is the only one of its kind in the UK, and the first in Europe.

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Thyroid Thoughts

Recovering with T3I hope that your daughter is very well after her op’, & that whatever thyroid replacement she’s having suits her well. I have just re-read some parts of those books that I recommended about T3, & I can only say again how much I do recommend that you read them – I would recommend the 1st one: Recovering with T3, as the best place to start:

Recovering with T3 by Paul Robinson:

The CT3M Handbook: Recovering Adrenal Health Using the Circadian T3 Method – same author:

Obviously I’m not suggesting that you buy the books from Amazon, but the reviews are largely helpful.

Best wishes,