Christmas Sale!


Once again I’m running a Christmas Sale from
Monday, 16th November until 4pm on Wednesday, 16th December

and it’ll be one of the best Christmas presents you’ll receive this year!

You’ll be able to get your Vegepa supplies
a further 10% cheaper than our usual, amazing prices
and still be donating to
crucial Biomedical Research into ME.
(Yep! you read that correctly!)

To date we’ve raised over £49,000!

(offer only applies to these sizes and only to Vegepa):-
Order 9 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 10
Order 18 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 20
Order 27 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 30
Order 36 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 40
Order 45 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 50
Order 54 boxes of Vegepa and you’ll receive 60

Of course you can order other quantities but only the multiples of 9,

listed above, offer a further 10% discount
on our already unbeatable prices 

(and make packaging far easier for me).

You can order as many times as you like until 16th Dec.

My current Vegepa stock’s expiry date is late 2018!

Remember that our prices even include shipping!

If you’ve ordered from our website before, you don’t have to Register again.

Just click on any of these buttons,


enter your password (sent to you when you join Vegepa Club) and away you go!

You’ll still make your payment off the website, as you’ve always done in the past,
either by PayPal,
(but please do follow my easy instructions on how to avoid UK PayPal fees

or by Bank Transfer (BACS) or by SWIFT (if you live outside the UK)


I’ve added a new payment method for those of you who use mobile banking.

Read more about this simple payment method

how to register with your internet bank

Using your provider’s mobile banking or payments app, enter my mobile number


Remember – you’ll still benefit by buying your Vegepa at the lowest possible price whilst donating to crucial Biomedical Research into ME
(currently we’re helping set up a unique ME BioBank).

Exciting - isn't it!

I still aim to offer the same excellent service
 of posting your parcel within 1 – 2 working days after receiving payment.

Everything you could possibly need to know is on our website
(even about my willing, if not able, assistant Ollie)!

2014 WINTER - 08

Join the clubOnly Members are able to order at my rock bottom prices
so tell your friends and family to visit the website so they too can
join the Vegepa Club,
learn all about ME, place an order and sign up for my occasional Newsletters.

Vegepa Club is free to absolutely anyone, anywhere in the world,
to buy this unique, patented, pharmaceutical-grade supplement
from Vegepa Club.

**Other medical conditions which benefit from Vegepa are:-

Asperger’s Syndrome
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Poor Concentration
Recurring Infections & Viruses
Unrefreshed Sleep
and for General Wellbeing.

Vegepa - 60 capsules per boxDon’t forget the recommended Vegepa dose for ME is 

8 capsules every single day (Christmas too!)

**(Other medical conditions may require lower doses).

images-4I look forward to processing your orders and wish you a wonderful Christmas
and a much Healthier and Happier 2016


Order Avalanche

IMG_1077Orders are flying in thick and fast which makes me think that the old method of emails back and forth between us was putting a lot of people off buying through Vegepa Club.

I don’t really blame them as the process was hardly ME friendly to say the least!

I’m relieved to know that more people who would have ordered through Vegepa Club in the past can now do so with ease.

You’ll find it quicker and easier the next time you order as you’ll not have to re-Register.  Just click the Green ORDER NOW Button, select your country, pop in your password and away you go!

The whole ordering process should take less than 5 minutes (even with brainfog!)

Yet another obstacle for ME!

images-1I have been investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) following a Complaint lodged by one of our Members.

The Member, (now unsubscribed), was upset by my phrase “best wishes for your journey towards recovery” as she felt that I was assuming that she was in recovery but, in fact, felt she was not “recovering or anywhere near it.”  This led her to lodge the Complaint which brought me to the attention of the ASA and CAP.

It seems I have been infringing the UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotions and Direct Marketing, notably the Rule which states that “Mentioning any medical condition in relation to a product, is likely to imply that the product can treat that condition”.

All Food Supplement claims re health and nutrition are strictly regulated by very specific EU Regulations and the field is a quagmire!

The EU Regulations, at present, regarding Fish Oils is particularly negative:  “because on the basis of the scientific evidence assessed, claimed effect for this food supplement has not been substantiated.”

Despite vehemently fighting our corner, I’ve had to comply by removing all references to ME from my website other than mentioning that the purchasing of Vegepa, via The Private Vegepa Club, aka The Vegepa for ME Scheme, contributes towards crucial fund raising for Biomedical Research into ME.

The ASA and CAP have now come to an Informal Resolution and I have amended copy on my website accordingly.

Because of this, you may find that references to the supplement and the medical condition are missing in places where you might, logically, expect to find them!

Because of this, I managed to secure permission to sell Vegepa to anyone and I am no longer restricted to any one particular condition, which may, ironically, increase our donations to ME Research as, hopefully, our numbers will swell!


Helping more of you


crowd-reachingI am now allowed to sell to anyone at all, regardless of their condition – I’m no longer limited to ME as I was in the past but our donations still go to crucial BIOMEDICAL research into ME. See the Medical Conditions Tab on the Home Page for egs. of other conditions which are known to benefit from Vegepa.


5565913-breaking-news-headline-on-a-mock-up-newspaperThe road to running The Private Vegepa Club (formerly known as the Vegepa for ME Scheme, the Private Vegepa Club and now simply Vegepa Club!) has constantly been beset with obstacles throughout its 7 years!

In Sept, 2013 we had 2 very significant hurdles to go through:-

The 1st of them, (the smaller) I greatly welcome and have been looking forward to for years,

The 2nd is an enormous stumbling block, which was firmly placed in my way, very much against my wishes, leaving me no option but to somehow summon up the energy and enthusiasm to it tackle head on.



 So you can now feel free to pass on your Vegepa recommendation to any one you know, whether they have ME or not!

Your Letters



Lovely comment received from JH”
“Thanks Lynne for your wonderful encouragement. I really appreciate what you are doing. Keep up the good work. You are such an inspiration

Best wishes,

(Oh and I really appreciated how you described Recovery, which is similar to my own experience, very reassuring.)”


Dear Lynne

Thanks again, my order arrived this morning.

I tried taking the supplement a number of years ago.  I ordered 3 months’ supply but at the end of the 3 months I didn’t feel any benefit and did not get any more.

Again after taking the 3 month’s supply I bought back in January I did not feel any benefit but this time I decided to try another 3 months’ supply and have now started to feel benefits.

First thing I noticed was an improvement in my sleep.  I still waken during the night but not so often which means my not having to take so many sleeping tablets.  My concentration has improved.  I have not tried reading yet but I enjoy various crafts and have found I am able to keep going for longer and this also applies to the time I can spend on the computer.

Something my husband noticed was that my appetite has improved.  I don’t think I am as anxious as I was.  My sister said she could see ‘a difference’ in me.  I need to pace myself better as I am tending to push myself too much and it would be very easy to get into the ‘boom and bust’ trap.

I have been ill for 15 years.  It took 5 years to be diagnosed by which time I had become severely affected.  This is the first thing that I feel has helped to this extent.

I have a very long way to go but hopefully this is only the beginning.

Thanks again



[Blush, Blush]!

…The difference Vegepa makes to a ME sufferer is enormous, you are personally responsible for making so many peoples’ lives far, far better that they would otherwise be. I hope that knowledge makes you feel really, really good.
Thank-you for all your kindness, to all of us,
and thank-you for keeping in touch too!
Lots of love,


Hi Lynne,

Thank you so much for the lovely big box of VEGEPA. My husband ordered it for me this time as I’ve had a bit of a relapse, although I have to say that since I started taking these golden nuggets I’ve had very few relapses which is very encouraging *:) happy

Thank you Lynne for managing to make these tablets affordable, as without your help I doubt that I could buy them so regularly, so a massive thank you Lovely Lady!

Take care, love Bryony xo

3 Types of Vegepa

Vegepa - 60 capsules per box

Vegepa is a patented formulation containing a unique ratio of ultra-pure EPA from marine fish oil and GLA from organic virgin evening primrose oil, providing a highly concentrated source of omega-3 and omega-6 long-chain fatty acids. As such, Vegepa combines the benefits that both these natural substances bring to the body.

Echiomega_3D side view 2014 high res

Echiomega, is plant-based Vegepa containing Echium Seed Oil, a superior plant source of fatty acids, which yields up to 5 times more EPA than ALA in flaxseed oil.  Echiomega is the only supplement available rich in SDA (stearidonic acid) and is certified for Vegans. 

Chewable, Orange Flavoured Vegepa – if it’s difficult for you to swallow.  

For more detailed information, please see our PRODUCTS

My Mantra


God grant me SERENITY

To accept what I cannot change,

STRENGTH to change what I can

and WISDOM to know the difference.

The Prayer for Serenity – Reinhold Neibuhr, 1892–1971, American Theologian


I’m not at all religious  but this little prayer helps me every single day…  I came across it years ago when a total stranger in a post office queue saw what must have been my care-worn, worried and saddened Carer’s face  She silently fished a scruffy bit of paper out of her wallet and lovingly handed it to me.  It made perfect  sense to me immediately and has always been my guiding light.  Ever since, I too carry copies in my wallet for when I can pass on that good deed!

Signs of Recovery


road-to-recovery-good-image-for-healthcare-or-financial-reYou are on the road to recovery from our wretched ME when you, or those close to you, notice that your symptoms have become less grave AND that your relapses are less frequent AND that they are of shorter duration.

It may still be a slow haul and no one knows how long it will take to get completely better, but it is a very favourable sign!



Be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid of making this your Mantra:


I always cringe when I set out the following advice as I am not medically qualified but I do have far too much experience in the illness not to know what I’m talking about.

I hope this helps and doesn’t sound like I’m preaching…

I do so hate to read that a Member is in such a bad way at the moment. It brings back all those sad and frustrated emotions which I know only too well.

Just as important as your supplement, in my opinion, is Pacing.

Lying in a dark room, at your worst, presents no problem to Pacing – you can’t do anything so you’re not tempted to!!

We (my daughter and I) started off, right at the beginning when we were learning what it was all about, and later, when we needed to go back to basics, by giving every little “activity” a score out of 20. The higher the score, the more tiring. (Talking on the phone = 8, showering = 7, eating downstairs at the table = 12, reading for 10 minutes = 10). It’s different for each person.

After a few weeks we realised that doing more than 20 per day lead to a relapse which could last for days or even weeks when she was so very bad.

We soon worked out that using eg. 15 a day kept my daughter on an even keel, no great highs or lows but stable and even able to lead some sort of minimalist life whilst not getting worse or suffering with too much pain, exhaustion, brain fog, etc.

After a couple of months, the scores had to be reduced for each activity as they weren’t as onerous as before, and we could introduce welcome new ones to throw into the pot.

All this was painstakingly slow, depressingly introspective and isolating but it did get us there in the end.

Think of Pacing like a bank account – never use more energy than you have in the bank or you’ll go into the red and suffer from it. Only spend a max of 80% of what you have in the bank so you have some left over for the next day, or better still, the day after next.

Remember that (one of the tell tale symptoms) with the illness, exertion on Day A. isn’t usually “paid for” until Day C.  (post-exertional malaise).

That way you’ll always have a reserve and be able to build up a bit more reserve (on your rest day/s) than the minimum required of 20% .

Also, only set yourself realistic goals so you’re neither disappointed at “failing” nor trying to burn the candle at both ends.

This isn’t a defeatist attitude, quite the opposite! Cheat and therefore win against ME – trick ME into thinking it’s winning but all the while you’re playing the long game and will win in the end.

About Vegepa

small_softgelVegepa is a patented formulation containing a unique, pharmaceutical-grade ratio of highly concentrated, ultra-pure ethyl-EPA sourced from marine fish oil (70%) and GLA from organic virgin evening primrose oil.

To learn more click Our Products