Dear Members,

Many of you have asked me what is going to happen with your Vegepa supply.  Of course I appreciate that you’re worried.  

So this is a quick note to let you know that it’s “BUSINESS AS USUAL” and “PLEASE DON’T CUT BACK ON YOUR VEGEPA INTAKE”.

The note is brief because Members are understandably stockpiling and I’m run completely off my feet!!

But I’ve just taken a huge delivery of all 4 products and my Post Office is definitely NOT closing so it’s a green light as usual!

I have no intention whatsoever of increasing my prices in case you may be wondering if I’m going to take advantage of the current global situation!

Royal Mail may be a bit slower than usual and their prices have gone up a tad this week but otherwise have no fear and DON’T CUT BACK ON YOUR DOSE OF 8 PER DAY (you need all the immune system boosting you can get!)

Please take the very best care of yourself that you can manage, until next time, 


2 thoughts on “BUSINESS AS USUAL!!

  1. Lovely message and completely deserved, I can relate to it and agree! Whilst I was so lucky to have my Dr. WW, I was still reeling and floundering and there you were, as E says, knowledgeable and supportive. Lovely that it’s recognised. ?

  2. Dear Lynne,

    Thank you so much for sending the big consignment of Vegepa so quickly.  

    I was a bit unsure about ordering such a large amount when you might be (understandably) subject to a panic-buying surge in demand by your other Private Vegepa Club members.

    But I also know you appreciate having bigger orders because it means fewer fiddly packing jobs of smaller numbers of boxes  and thus more trips to the PO.  

    Anyway, opening those two parcels yesterday, I was quite taken aback, because I suddenly got a strong warm feeling swell up  in my chest (a bit like I had, seeing a new grandchild for the first time) when I realised  just how much reassurance those two parcels of boxes had instantly given me, in the face of the Covid-19 uncertainties.  

    I had woken up in the night and known that, after all my experiments with not taking it, reducing the dose, or trying Echiomega instead of Vegepa,  that if I only had a decent supply,  then I would have the best  chance of staying at my best possible level of general health and not getting ill, no matter how many trips to Tescos I had to make in a time of self-isolating.  

    You must be run off your feet at the moment (I don’t know if you have  another day-job as well as packing up Vegepa and getting it to the post office) so I really appreciated your packing and sending those boxes in the face of the present crisis.  

    I got no help at all after being diagnosed with M.E. except for being sent to  a session with a  hospital consultant in rheumatology who didn’t seem to know as much about the condition  as I did; he  offered no suggestions at all for how I might cope, and neither did my GP.  I felt completely on my own.   But then I found you.

     And  when it comes to having a knowledgeable supportive person to turn to, you have filled that gap.  You’ve effectively become my very professional  go-to  companion in my   journey through M.E. because of the wonderful support and knowledge you provide.

    Look after yourself as well as you can, and stay well! 

    A big virtual hug! 

    Very best wishes and many many thanks,


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