Many of you have asked me what is going to happen with your Vegepa supply.  Of course I appreciate that you’re worried.  

So this is a quick note to let you know that it’s “BUSINESS AS USUAL” and “PLEASE DON’T CUT BACK ON YOUR VEGEPA INTAKE”.

Members are understandably stockpiling and I’m run completely off my feet!! But I’ve just taken a huge delivery of all 4 products and my Post Office is definitely NOT closing so it’s a green light as usual!

Royal Mail may be a bit slower than usual and their prices have just gone up a tad but otherwise have no fear and DON’T CUT BACK ON YOUR DOSE OF 8 PER DAY (you need all the immune system boosting you can get!)

Please take the very best care of yourself that you can manage, until next time, Lynne

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