An oh so typical teenage story ?

Dear Lynne,

Feel free to quote what we’ve said about our son.
His name is Sam and he is 17 now.
Sam has spent most of the last two years out of school and received home tuition from the Out of School Tuition Service, he took four GCSE’s at home last summer and passed them all. (Our goal was to take them not pass them!)
Sam started sixth form and loved being back at school, unfortunately I think it was too much too soon so has been absent from school for a couple of months now.

Although he is suffering very much with fatigue his mental capacity hasn’t relapsed too much and we are putting that down to the Vegepa.
When Sam was very ill previously he could hardly put a sentence together or comprehend instructions or conversations.
It is so encouraging to hear of stories like your daughter’s, and know that one day there will be recovery; we have to keep positive as a family and remind Sam there will be lots of time for his education when he is well.
We appreciate the work you do and the donations to the Biobank.
Kind regards and many thanks,
K and G

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