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Way back in 2006, using the overwhelming demand from individuals and ME Support groups, I negotiated a brilliant and unique deal for The ME Community worldwide whereby every box of Vegepa, Vegepa Bursts or Vegan Echiomega bought back then through Vegepa Club (previously called The Vegepa for ME Scheme), automatically donated, and still does, vital funds for BIOMEDICAL research into ME.

Through our Club, and ONLY through our Club, you can now buy Vegepa, Echiomega (Vegan Vegepa) and Omegaflex (Vegepa with Glucosamine) 


for a most competitive price worldwide and regardless of any medical condition.


So not only will you be directly funding crucial high-quality BIOMEDICAL research into the causes, consequences and treatment of ME but, at the same time, you’ll be personally benefiting by getting the unique, patented, pharmaceutical-grade Omega supplement, and its sister products, at hugely reduced prices, regardless of your own medical condition! 

Since Vegepa Club’s launch in Spring 2006, we have over 2,500 Members who regularly take Vegepa.

Our Donations to Biomedical ME Research

Spread the word

Are you in a position to spread the word to friends, family, support groups, newsletters, social media, websites, etc?  The more Members we have the more funding available for BIOMEDICAL research to beat ME once and for all!

Over the years Vegepa Club has steadily built a large and loyal customer base. Our enthusiastic Members provide essential feedback which enables us to continue a level of service which exceeds expectations. We see our Members coming back month after month, year after year even when they are fully recovered as Vegepa helps their immune system in so many ways.

Whether you are a health sufferer determined to restore your health, a health professional, health enthusiast, journalist or simply someone browsing, I offer a host of  information and I am always happy to help.






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