A Very Common Question

  • Is it better to take my Vegepa all together as one dose, or should I take all 8 together or 4+4?

Also is it best to take morning or evening if all together?



Hi M,
It really doesn’t matter.

If your stomach is particularly sensitive then it makes sense to take your daily Vegepa in 2 or even 4 doses of 2 each time.

When to take – at the same time (ish) every day so you get into a routine and are less likely to forget to take them.

With or without food but with food means you’ll probably be reinforcing the previous note.

The 2 VERY IMPORTANT points are:-

A. Take 8 Vegepa every single day (he f you have ME), with NO interruptions.

B. Wash your capsules down with a COLD drink. If not you’ll get fishy burps as a hot drink will melt the capsule’s shell before it reaches your stomach.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

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