A Brief Refresher on Doses

I’m sorry to hear, X, that you’re going through a very hard patch at the moment.

I sound like a broken record but you just have to accept that if you stop taking Vegepa your symptoms may well recur at some stage.  

There is a maintenance dose of 4 per day but I only recommend this if you’ve been symptom free for 6 months or so.  

Otherwise it’s 8 Vegepa per day, every single day, and, when you’re especially poorly, or if there’s a particularly stressful period in your life, then taking 10 per day will help your system to cope even better and build up your resilience.

We’re coming up to the virus and infection months of September, October and November so please take as much Vegepa as you can financially afford.

Remember that cutting back financially is cutting back on your health and wellbeing!

Kind regards,


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