A Big Thank-You from the ME Association


Members of the Vegepa Club who have very willingly donated “a little bit extra” this year will be delighted to know that Lynne has sent us a terrific donation from you all that totals £800.
This has gone straight into our research fund. 
This year, the fund has paid researchers to investigate the mechanisms that cause exercise-induced fatigue in M.E., check out what’s going wrong in the mitochondria (the tiny power packs in every cell) of people with this horrid illness and studying some pretty drastic faults in the immune system.
In addition, our medical adviser Dr Charles Shepherd took over the chair of the UK ME/CFS Biobank team at the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – which is where your generous donation went last year. Thousands of blood samples there will be available to serious researchers from round the world next year.
And every penny that goes to our research fund is spent looking for the causes of M.E. that, hopefully, will one day lead to a cure. All the costs of actually running the research fund are met by ME Association general funds.
Tony Britton
Publicity Manager, ME Association

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