2 small favours to lighten my load?

I’m really grateful to Members who pay with Friends and Family as it saves Vegepa Club several pounds in PayPal fees which means more for the ME Research Fund.  

Of course I realise that you have to trust me to pay by this method so I’m grateful for that too!

Now I’m going to be really cheeky (!) and ask you, if you possibly can, to order a larger quantity in future, and therefore less frequently, because it will lessen my work load considerably!  

I’m finding it harder and harder these days to keep up with all the work entailed in running Vegepa Club single handed.

The thing is that it takes the same amount of time for me to process a minimum order of 4 boxes as a larger one of 40: the same time to wrap the parcel, the same packaging costs, the same drive to the post office and back – plus Royal Mail postage will cost you the same for 4 boxes as it does for a parcel of 20.

More importantly, I have to do this work more frequently!

Please don’t be offended and if you can’t manage it for whatever reason, don’t worry at all, I really, really do understand.

Take good care of yourself until next time, 






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