Our Products

Vegepa’s manufacturer, Igennus, specialises in several key therapeutic areas.  Their core range comprises pharmaceutical-grade fatty acid supplements, based around the therapeutic and unique properties of EPA in health and disease.

Central to their ethos is their commitment to providing natural means of improving health based on scientific research, and promoting the idea of choice of treatment option for various clinical conditions.

Endorsement of their products by some of the world’s leading medical researchers and clinicians has successfully communicated the benefits and trust associated with their brand. Since established in 2004 they have built close affiliations with respected clinicians and researchers at academic institutions worldwide. Together they hope to build awareness and educate people about the importance of diet and nutrition in leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Backed by a strong team of nutrition scientists passionate about health, their work focuses on the delivery of key therapeutic nutrients for health and disease. Research and development are central to the innovation of their unique supplements, which are developed in association with their in-house nutrition team and independent medical experts.

In formulating their unique supplements they take no shortcuts; their selective choice of raw ingredients involves rigorous assessment of manufacturing quality standards. Their emphasis is on purity, sustainability and animal welfare; they do not test their products on animals.

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