New UK Shipping Charges


Dear UK Members,

I’m afraid I can no longer afford to personally subsidise the cost of shipping parcels to you as I’ve been happy to do for over 4 years.

Vegepa Club was far smaller then but, over time, what with far more orders, Royal Mail’s postal increases, parcel insurance, packaging materials, leaflet inserts, time, petrol etc, it’s all become too expensive for me – however much I’d love to be able to continue.

Up til now you’ve paid a percentage but I now have to pass the total cost onto you.

You’ll find that now, when you place an order, (UK ONLY) you have the choice of Standard or Signed For and you’ll be told how much the shipping will be and it’ll be included in the total price of your order.

The good news is that I’ll be making an automatic donation to our crucial Biomedical Research Fund for every order received.

P.S. If you place a larger order than usual, say 3 months’ supply in one go, you can save on your shipping costs (not to mention saving my time, costs and energy)!  In fact, anything up to 24 boxes are all charged at the same, cheapest rate!!

June 2016

2 thoughts on “New UK Shipping Charges

  1. Hi Lynne. Just made an order and hadn’t realised that you had been subsidising postage. A huge thank you for this and everything else that you have done and are doing for people like me! Best, Sarah

    • Hi Sarah, That’s very kind of you! I only wish that I could afford to run a proper e-commerce site on this website, one that calculates the total payment due AND takes payment right on the same page!! Unfortunately, it would cost us a lot in Paypal Fees and I prefer, even if it’s a bit complicated and non brain-fog friendly, to pass as much discount as I can to my Members. Lynne x

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